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Remaking is a nuanced and creative endeavor, blending challenge with innovation. XV Production specializes in the design, product development, and production of remake. Our expertise extends to working with dead-stock, used garments, and home textiles. In the realm of remake, creativity knows no bounds, and we thrive on pushing the limits. Beyond our production services, we provide consulting to streamline the remake process, ensuring a harmonious integration of design and technical possibilities.


As a local entity dedicated to in-house textile production, we prioritize establishing transparent relationships with our clients. Our fully equipped factory specializes in the manufacturing of clothing and home textiles, offering flexibility without minimum order quantity.


XV Production excels in prototype development and test sewing, starting from sketches, technical specifications, patterns, or finished garments. We also provide expert design and technical consultation services throughout the product development process.


Recognizing the environmental impact of textile production, XV Production places a strong emphasis on sustainability. Our services extend to repairing and mending both new and used clothing, facilitating adjustments, remodeling, and repairs. Additionally, many companies encounter issues with manufacturing defects from third countries, such as incorrect labels. Our factory is equipped to address and rectify such issues, ensuring a seamless and high-quality production process for our clients.


With cutting-edge technology, XV Production elevates your concepts to new heights. Leveraging LEctra, we excel in digital pattern construction, grading, and printing. Our capabilities extend to crafting prototypes using CLO, providing a visual preview of your product before entering production, thus enhancing efficiency throughout the production process.


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Describe one of your services


Describe one of your services


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