XV Atelier is an in-house concept, which means that everything from design to production is done within the four walls of the brand’s headquarters in Kamgarn, Borås, Sweden. XV Atelier offers products that are consciously designed with a long lifecycle. The attention to sustainability and durability begins at the design phase and shines throughout the whole production process, which greatly affects the designs and the material choices. Through powerful expressions that blend historical episodes in contemporary contexts, XV Atelier’s is able to produce designs that make statements. By further infusing elements from art, architecture and culture, the XV Atelier esthetic echoes a powerful contemporary yet timeless design. You can read more about XV Atelier at xv-atelier.com



XV Production was born out of XV Atelier in 2018. The goal was to offer local design- and production services for other fashion- and textile brands. XV Production is a creative studio that wants to act freely and meet the customer exactly where they are in the production process. We believe in a circular textile industry that acts closely to the consumer. It is no secret that the fashion industry is polished on the surface, and that other much less glamorous sides exist. Through being a local actor that work exclusively with in-house production, we offer our customers a close and transparent relationship. Our customers are more than welcome to work collaboratively together with us in our 425 square-meter studio in Borås. As a result, both the communication and work can be done in a rapid phase, and we are able to jointly develop ideas and/or prototypes. 


Our in-house production further entails a promise that all products are designed, sewn and produced in-house at our studio in Borås, Sweden. Not only does this minimize the impact on the climate, it also enables us to assure a fair and just production environment. The few processes that are not made in house, such as the coloring of our raw materials or the manufacturing of our labels, are made with local partners located within 30 minutes from our headquarters at Kamgarn. In other words: everything is produced locally in Borås, Sweden.  

The circular textile industry that we seek to create and promote is reflected in our preference for working, or re-working, existing materials. The slightest correction to an existing garment or textile has the ability to completely revitalize it. Repairing and remaking old textiles instead of producing new ones is an imperative step to a more circular textile industry.